Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pity them, for they know not what they do...

They sell to us, every generation, a selection of new dreams, hope wrapped in gift paper, something requiring your faith, sucking in your energy, setting you up for a fall that might take you a lifetime to understand.
Our human lives are short, barely time to get the picture before we die, regretful, or die, peaceful.
This imposter we vaguely misunderstand called death marks a passing through, denotes a phase. We go back, then, and are measured and, in consequence, are given another turn reflecting that which we must learn.
If we are lucky, if we haven't sinned too much, we are given the joy of eternal love, of lives shared again and again in that essence of being we call togetherness, that unity of souls that is the gift of love and its progenitor, birthing love into this reality.
And if we have sinned, and are measured sinners, we learn from the next iteration what it is to be sinned against, suffering that which we dealt.
So the philanderers will find themselves cuckolded, the thieves stolen from, the molesters molested, the bully cowered.
This is, all in all, the process of learning.
The giving and the receiving.
The black and the white.

It may seem eternal, this game, but it has a beginning, a middle, and an end.
It may seem that those phases are determined by others.
They are not.
They are determined by the collective consciousness, by the will expressed by the entity that is humanity, once humanity realises what it is.
We are being tested.
Not as individuals but as a hive mind, a single entity.
And within and comprising that single entity, stepping into the light, the overwhelming will to good.
It's name is love.
It is the creative force.
It is the destination.

The wind of change is blowing, but our masters are subtly present there, sowing their new beliefs, twisting and reshaping reality once more.
We must step away from their paradigm engineering.
The creative force is us.
We Are.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx

After a year of drought we are enjoying rain. Nature itself, and disaster, form a part of the whole, are elements of the experience. Fear nothing, except the price you will pay for your intentional mistakes as the wheel turns. Those that we see now as evil will be the victims of evil in the next iteration, for they have the most to learn. Pity them, for they know not what they do.   

Monday, January 16, 2017


So we state what we believe and think that belief is a product of our own consideration, our own deduction of the truth from the millions of pieces of information that are our individual programming inputs.
As a species, we are programmed to fight for the beliefs we settle upon.
Those beliefs become issues of separation, pushing us away from the unity of resolve and common understanding which is, normally, the shared attribute of a species.
We rarely, if ever, consider the source or origin of those data transferences we call life-experience.
We are moulded, yet do not see the hands that mould or, if we do, cannot from their apparently diverse origins perceive their interconnectivity.
Our minds, simple as they are, fail to comprehend the overwhelming subtlety and complexity that is the controlling matrix which shapes this reality.
As individuals, we are incapable.
As seven billion individual units we are incapable.
As seven billion disparate entities drawn in different directions and separated by the matrix we are incapable.
But as an entity, once connected, once the realisation that our consciousness is being manipulated, once the understanding that this is all FAKE, as that single entity called humanity, as that hive mind sharing what it knows comes into being......
Everything changes.
This is all you need to know about the world today, and indeed the world as it ever was throughout our known and recorded 'history'.
Whatever you believe was put there to separate you from others that share your DNA, that share your origins, those you despise that are in reality a part of the single human consciousness and are your kin.

The gateway is opening.
Through that gateway you will find human beings that don't seek what separates you from them, but look instead for what you agree upon, for the common ground, for that which unites you, for that which brings you together.
We seven billion share many common understandings.
They come from the heart, each one of them, from love, from care and the hope that others care for us, from the desire to have enough to live well to the knowledge that living well has nothing to do with stuff but everything to do with companionship, with friendship and with fun and, underpinning everything, the deep human connection with that thing we call love.

Can we find this place together, after all these years?
Why, it is only a step away!
A conscious step.
An act of will.

There is not long now.
There are some barriers and hurdles to cross.
Take your personal steps into the future, friend, because others will follow.
The tide is turning, a new sun rising on a new future that is just a conscious moment away.

Blessings to our readers.
With love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
Xxx xxx xxx

Sunday, January 15, 2017


You were born in ignorance, waiting to see what the world would offer you.
Whatever hand you were dealt, that which carried most weight was not the money, not the size of house, not the prospect of wealth but the warmth of welcome, the strength of love, the enduring loyalty, the encouragement, the understanding and the forgiveness when, not truly understanding, you erred.

This is what counts most to each of us, the love we receive, the warm glow we get from togetherness, hardships halved by sharing, quartered by laughter, decimated by a single hug.

Through life you struggle and, if you can, you pass the love on.
This is humanity, its essence, its core.
It is not just our best way, not simply the most beautiful thing we have, it is more than these things.
It is humanity's purpose.
It is our destiny.
It is what we were given with which to shape reality.

This understanding, lost to us, is being born again in our collective consciousness.
The future awaits its rebirth, the shackles and chains of the mind-slavery cast aside as nothing.
We are seven billion souls seeking truth, seeking love, yearning for what was meant to be and will be.
We are a moment of collective will away from reaching our goal.

Sometimes reality sets you a challenge, or tries to teach you values which it requires of you that you know are somehow wrong, but that you see everyone else accepting and getting on with and it is hard, so hard, not to go with the flow, so wearing to swim against the tide.

Some, in ignorance, do not see the harm they do, become a part of the problem for the rest of humanity, seething with arrogance and self, believing themselves winners.
Yet we all of us die.
We all of us live such a short life.
There are no winners, no losers, there is just time and the good we can do in the time we are granted and the lessons we learn and the wisdom we gain and pass on.

For some the journey plunges them into a darkness from which they cannot escape, or tempters take them to a black hole from which they feel they can never return, or for whom resentment builds into a vicious and unrelenting desire to do harm and to crow over those they hurt.
They are misshapen, become the inhuman amongst us.

They are our lost sheep, needing most to be brought back into the fold.
Lacking love, they need it most, for they are sick of heart or of mind, their souls blackened by the flame of experience and, though they strut and bully, it is they that need our hugs most, they that we should focus our care and love upon. They are sick, and know not what they do, and would be different had they lived in a different reality.
They need our forgiveness more than most, for their souls are weak and afraid and lack love.

Each life is a lottery and there are none among we humans that get it exactly right, few that even come close, fewer yet that, convinced that the world is 'just as it is', do not live a life accommodating evil, falling into line, accepting because not to accept is just too hard.

Someone said once “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

You live never knowing that the person next to you is caught in the same web, would never, but would love to, open their hearts to you and weep for what should be and isn't.

Something has implanted separation, has divided our single, beautifully diverse family.

We are creatures of hugs and love and the world we humans should make has been stolen from us, a world lost to thousands of years of wrong, a world misshapen and distorted, a world shaped inhuman by something other among us.

A world we must recapture and make our own.

This moment is emerging and the power seeks to steal our destiny, to prevent us from creating a human world, a world of fun and laughter and sharing and high times, a world of love.
This has been its dark purpose. To teach us right from wrong.
But we have learned enough, by now, and it is time for the horror to end.

Now is the time when we should most beware of deceivers.
The conduit nears.

Do not think what differentiates you from others.
Look for what connects you.

It is love, the giving of it and the accepting of it, the power of the principle of love as the foundation and building blocks of the new world we are on the cusp of creating.

Forget history.
There is none.
It is a mirage. Designed to separate us.

Discount what you currently believe and which is the product of this false reality.
Forget today, and instead imagine tomorrow.

Know that the person next to you is your kin, shares your deepest desires for love, for freedom, for love, understands the duty we have to one another, is not your enemy but your friend.

Everyone is family.

We Are One.

In love.

Olive and Aktina.

Xxx xxx xxx   

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Destiny Theft.
How Americans can unite on January 20th and face the REAL enemy.
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We write here often of the destiny of humanity, the learning process that is existence, the ultimate aim of the species, the birth of a new civilisation and, thereafter, our species' role as Creators, our species' emergence as a hive mind, a single entity, underpinned by the understanding gleaned from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the tree in amongst the branches of which we currently precariously perch.

Individually lost, collectively finding direction and purpose, just a step away from the discovery of the moment of realisation that We Are, and that the world need not be this way, and that our collective will-to-good and humanheartedness will prevail. At that approaching moment we will transform this world, transform this experience of life, evolve into the true humanity as quickly as a moth sheds its cocoon and become that which we were intended to become.

Understand this: When we collect together and operate as a single unit, a tribe, we used to and generally still do realise that things are best when we strive for collective good. So we make laws for justice. So we collectively deal with 'wrong' behaviour. We have always strived for, and been denied, that which we know is right: A civilisation under the rule of law, that law relying upon true justice, the judgement of actions in consideration of HARM.
Did she harm anyone smoking that joint?
No harm, no crime.

WE deeply understand this principle, and have lost our way such that 'law' has become 'regulation' and no longer judges harm, rather protects and encourages those who harm us the most.
Thus is our current reality an inversion of what should be.
Ergo our solution lies in carefully tipping the pyramid of power, abandoning and ignoring all current control hierarchies and constructing, from the foundations upwards, structures of civilisation which rely upon truth, upon shared understanding, upon educating our world's new owners (all of us) to an understanding of our collective power, our collective duty, our collective vision and those things, ingrained at present, which we must learn to abhor and be vigilant against.

Let's deal for a moment with the thieves of destiny, those who as we write are positioned to seize the promise of our species, to take the initiative away from those who seek truth, they who may or may not have already taken your soul into their custodianship and rule and are prepared to unleash you at their bidding into the usual nightmare.

When the rulers of this reality realised that their hold over humanity was weakening they determined to crash the current reality, as we humans are slowly realising WE should do, and replace it with a new world order. In doing so they set out to so manipulate human consciousness that it would appear that the new world order which emerged would be at OUR instigation, that we humans would feel that what emerged from the ashes of chaos was of our invention and within our purview.

These tactics, framed as “problem, reaction, solution” or thesis, antithesis, synthesis, have served our masters well and are serving them still in this, the single most complex iteration of the game.

Quite simply, as many people feel right now, they have plunged the world into utter confusion, dividing our single human tribe into thousands of opposing mental states, complex issues dividing man from woman, child from parent, race from race (that great imposter given the lie by our understanding of genetics, demonstrating We Are One species), religion from religion (each religion simply an organised expression of our mutual desire to know the creator and do what is right, organised then perverted by the masters into what we witness), neighbour from neighbour.

They have us spinning uncontrollably in the streams and eddies of currents they have created. None of us now is certain of the truth. Each of us is a whirlpool of conflicting beliefs. Simply put they have separated each and every one of us from every other and in this maelstrom we all of us stand alone. Right now we are not One, we are seven billion individuals, full of mistrust and loathing of each other.

This tactic, satanic in its devious cleverness, is there to plunge us into an almighty conflict, a conflict designed to steal our unified destiny, to steal the future from humanity, to prevent our ascension.

It is working.
Only a great sense of purpose and a shared understanding of love, only the knowledge that we are being toyed with, only the self restraint that whispers in our ears “Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this human is NOT my enemy. Maybe someone has been playing with my beliefs and emotions to set me against other human beings?”, only those things can prevent their awful strategy from being successful.

It is difficult for humans to accept that they have been fooled.
Our masters rely absolutely upon this, grinning all the while.
They feed us a belief and scoff at our stupidity.
They know, once implanted, NOTHING will shake that belief.
We will KILL to defend it.
How they must laugh at the ease with which they can control us, manipulate our consciousness to keep us distracted and divided.

So the Christian, full of faith, cannot question that faith nor the tales that substantiate it.
Ditto the Muslim.
Ditto those who share faith in the Great Prophet Zarquon, who sneezed the universe into existence and tells of the great handkerchief, at the end of times, wiping up the mess.
Look at the Mormons, the Scientologists, the Witnesses, the Moonies, and understand how easy it is to sell bullshit to we dumb humans.

So the White supremacist cannot accept that within his body are 'African” genes, nor the black tribes accept that 'white' genes flow through their bodies. We are all of us mongrels, all of us primates, different coloured branches of the same tree.
Regard the Alsation, the Pit Bull, the Chihuahua, the Labrador.
They KNOW they are all dogs.
Are we so stupid that we cannot see we are all human?

On the 20th January the power in the world will stage a great event. They have manipulated the beliefs of millions and now set them against each other on the great stage.

Other times, in other places, they have positioned shooters to kill both police and demonstrators.
They light the touchpaper and then retire.
Leaving evidence behind that pins the blame on one or another group.
They'll not leave 'truthers' out of this equation, for more than anything they wish to get rid of the maverick gene from the stock.

If you're reading this, plan how you will deal with the ugly souls that will appear at your door.
Treat with them with love.
It is humanity's most powerful weapon.
Fear nothing.

Trump, so vaunted by the fake alternative media, Hillary, so cheered for by the mainstream, BOTH were placemen, both there to weaken humanity's faith in democracy............

“Is this the best we can do?”

Both there to divide.
On the one hand, the zombie Millennials, mind controlled up to the hilt.
On the other hand faux tough guys riding bikes.

Human beings separated, the gulf widening, hurt feelings, “something must be done” ringing in their subconscious ears, generational gaps, gender gaps, knowledge gaps, race and religious differences, hurt feelings, determination, the will to self-sacrifice for a false 'cause'.

Yet in every soul the will to love, in every soul the understanding that there is something BETTER waiting for our species. There ARE differences.....

Shake hands, set those differences aside, and TURN TO FACE THE COMMON ENEMY.

On January 20th, let there be an EVOLUTION.
Let peace break out.
However different we feel, WE ARE a single, enslaved humanity.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.

Xxx xxx xxx
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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Don't be fooled, America.

The next few days will demonstrate the power of the monsters that rule our world to bring a once great nation to its knees.
Everything that has happened in the last few decades has had the fall of the USA in sight, and with it the collapse of democracies and ordered societies everywhere.
If the power in the world gets its way we human beings are in for a tough time.

The next few days are crucial. A great deal depends upon how succesful those intent upon creating trouble will be at engineering the mobs they have entrained to create chaos.

NO DOUBT there will be trigger events planned. There always are. People will start shooting, revenge will be sought, the divisions between people will turn into irreparable gulfs.

Check out the recent history of the world and see these same tactics driving wedges between people and creating unending strife and internecine bloodshed.

Study the Power's first trial run in Yugoslovia, (and note that the UN troops were accused of child trafficking during that conflict, because the elite never miss a chance to scoop up some infants for their nefarious purposes. Eg since taking in Syrian child refugees the British Government seem to have 'lost' 350 of the youngest and, erm, don't know what's happened to them!)


Since the fraudulent murder of 9/11 the imperialistic savagery of the military industrial complex has filled many Americans with a deep sense of guilt, most especially the veterans.
Those who felt this guilt have recognised the alienation between themselves and those still lost in the mainstream fiction.
This was the first division of many that have been engineered over the last 15 years and those divisions have been nurtured by all the media, the fake mainstream and the equally fake alternative.
Half of eligible Americans failed to vote at the last election, demonstrating the disquiet with the democratic process and the disgust at the candidates on offer.

Of course the death of democracy has been the intent all along, and Americans are falling for it in the same way as those caught up by the Colour Revolutions and the Arab Spring, by Brexit. The intent has always been to crash the democracy that human beings were beginning to realise no longer served its purpose, create chaos thereafter, and finally offer a new alternative which the people will believe has come from their own efforts and yearnings but in fact has already been prepared by our masters and currently sits waiting in the wings.

Around the world there are thousands upon thousands of NGOs and 'non-profits', mostly funded by governments and the UN and by 'philanthropic' billionaires like Soros. They are interconnected and moving between them all has been an organisation called Common Purpose which has been 'identifying and reframing the leaders of the future'.
One such example is the Institute of Policy Studies, funded by the Warburgs and the Samuel Rubin Foundation, which includes the character Noam Chomsky amongst its members (!) and has spun off into the coming hate fest one Lacy MacAuley, now spokesperson for the anarchic DisruptJ20 that will bring blood to America's streets on January 20th. (More about Lacy below)

Now there are any number of different Americas, and widening gulfs between them.
There are the millennial Social Justice lgbtq2 Warriors, fervent in their support of the murderous Clinton, mentally entrained by an entire life lived under the careful mind control efforts of the elite.
They believe they are for freedom, but deny others the chance to speak their version of truth.

There are the Trump supporters, flag waving bullies, preppers, bikers, vets, racists and trailer trash who have been created as the opposition to crazy weeping Hillary supporters. Many of them have been whipped up by Alex Jones, that traitor to truth and to humanity, serving his final purpose before those falling out of his spell turn into an avalanche and he disappears to some sunny climate with his millions.

Hillary supporters are largely women.
Trump supporters largely male.
Hillary supporters include many immigrants and people of colour.
Trump supporters are for the most part white.
The divisions are many, and often within families, dividing loyalty.
Chaos and confusion is the intent. The forcing apart of people. Deep unhealable rifts.

The coming events of the inauguration day will pitch the opposing forces against each other. On Jan 21st the women will march. Later events are planned. America is in for a rough old time.

Black Lives Matter, that Soros funded rent-a-mob, will plant overexcited and potentially violent groups within the various marches. There are many more groups, on both sides of this deliberately created divide, determined to have a go if the trouble starts.
Which of course it will.

Lacy MacAuley:
The traitorous agent provocateur Lacy MacAuley is described thus by the Institute for Police Studies:

"Lacy MacAuley is a media activist with a passion for amplifying voices of those working for a better world. With a BA in International Relations specializing in World Development Studies, she is committed to promoting local, living economies that place people, planet, and principle before profit. Lacy’s creative passion was ignited while working as news editor for her college newspaper and stoked by helping found the DC Resistance Media Collective in 2005. Keeping the flame burning, Lacy was with the Institute for Policy Studies from 2011 till the end of 2013."

You see, Lacy truly is a wonderful woman, and not at all a shit-stirrer tasked by our rulers to create trouble and disharmony leading to all out Civil War!

But these are her words about DisruptJ20:
I can safely say that some groups are likely planning actions that might result in arrest scenarios,” she said. “Sorry, I cannot give specifics at this time, due mostly to the fact that plans are still in flux, but also due to the fact that not all information is public.”
This is her, building her credentials with pre-briefed cops in front of tame cameras.
Such social justice heros have their images carefully nurtured.

Meanwhile the long suffering police, some being well intentioned true peace officers and others being testosterone fuelled pumped up bullies, will be pitched into the middle of the coming tumult.

These are the tactics they will employ, from a description of their own manual:

"A Mobile Field Force"
Participants in the CDP training are taught intervention and response strategies for large events, specifically what the manual refers to as “illegal gatherings” in which “protesters disrupt the peace” or act with the “intent to make protester removal by law enforcement” (i.e. arrest) difficult or dangerous. The manual includes eight modules: Civil Actions, Mass Arrest, Team Tactics, Legal Considerations, Protester Tactics, Crowd Dynamics, Riot Control Equipment, and Riot Control Agents and Less Lethal Munitions. To pass the course, students are only required to receive a 70% or higher on a written exam.
As the title of the manual indicates, participants in this course are taught the team tactics necessary to become a Mobile Field Force (MFF), defined as a “well-trained, disciplined, organized demonstration of police force that emphasizes unity of command and can be rapidly deployed in civil disorder situations.” The concept of MFF is part of the “Miami Model” of protest policing, developed by Police Chief John Timoney for the 2003 Free Trade of the Americas meeting protests, and distinguished by large scale (often preemptive) arrests, heavily armed law enforcement, intense surveillance of protesters, and intimidating shows of force by police. The emphasis in these trainings is on group over individual actions and decisions to ensure participants will learn to act as a unit and carry out orders given from above without question.
Students in the course are taught three tiered levels of response: crowd management, crowd intervention, and crowd control. At the initial level of crowd management, members of law enforcement are actually encouraged to avoid the appearance of militarization and to coordinate with event organizers to establish the police as “facilitators rather than confronters.” This approach is designed to encourage event organizers to cooperate with police by monitoring their own protests. Despite this friendly facade, however, protesters should be aware that police are prepared to turn to the use of force— including the deployment of riot gear and “less-lethal munitions”—at any sign of provocation from demonstrators.
For crowd intervention, the course advises the tactic of isolating anyone in the demonstration who they think might act illegally, tracking them using cameras and “shadow teams”, and then preemptively arresting and removing them from the crowd as quickly as possible. This tactic—which former NLG Executive Director Heidi Boghosian has called “snatch squads”—is regularly applied to people at protests based on their clothing, general appearance, or perceived political ideology, and can easily lead to constitutional violations.[1]
At the level of crowd control, police tactics become even more obviously militaristic. The training outlines the verbal, hand and arm, and physical communication methods used by protest police. According to the manual, these commands “must be given in a direct and forceful military manner to show protesters that the MFF is a well-disciplined and well-trained unit.” This show of force and intimidation, participants are taught, will frighten the crowds and counteract the “militaristic tactics used by some protesters” (more on this below). Officers are trained to not engage in dialogue or be in any way affected by protesters, and are told explicitly to arrest everyone in a crowd once a decision has been made from above. At this point, outright force and police munitions will be deployed, including chemical weapons, rubber balls, bean bags, batons, and other weapons not mentioned in the manual (i.e. canine units and water cannons, as seen recently at Standing Rock).
The manual also covers legal considerations, and clearly states that “during a civil event, the rules for search and seizure do not change.” Police are not allowed to take cameras or cell phones without warrants, or to destroy property. The entire constitution is also included as part of the training manual, along with recent case law covering protests. However, as protest litigation over the past several decades has proven, these legal lessons are often forgotten or de-prioritized during actual police-protester interactions."

Here's some European police actions in Madrid, Spain, to show that the police everywhere are trained in the same tactics and, regrettably, relish the use of force once the testosterone and adrenaline get going:

 Perhaps it should be remembered, when the police take a beating or are seen giving out beatings, that these are the same officers that have failed to investigate or pursue high level paedophiles the world over, who despite the evidence have failed to investigate Podesta, the Clintons, Jimmy Comet and all the other freaks about whom there is sufficient information to begin a thorough and deep investigation. However, NOTHING has been done, just as the 5,000 perverts caught accessing pedo porn at the Pentagon were NOT INVESTIGATED.

These are the lessons people should take from this monstorus turn of events:
 1. This impending strife has been created by our masters.
 2. Your enemies are NOT other citizens whose views differ from yours.
 3. Your enemies are the blood-drinking child murdering satanic evil force that dominates human consciousness and seeks to destroy democracy.
 4. America and Americans are being duped in the same way as those duped by the Colour Revolutions and by the Arab Spring.
 5. If your heart is good, if your soul yearns for a world of peace and justice, DO NOT let these vile creatures set you at each others throats.
 6. Your consciousness is under assault, has been for decades, has been particularly attacked over recent months to create the situation that is supposed to unfold on January 20th and thereafter.

Don't be duped, America.
Ignore the sense of grievance you have against other citizens.
Reserve your righteous anger for the real criminals.

Our new human civilisation cannot be bult on the ashes of civil war. We see everywhere the consequence of such things, how grief and utter misery are the outcome, how the strife seems never to end.
Resist voices like Lacy MacAuley, close your ears to the exhortations of idiots like Alex Jones, take your conscious mind and your soul to a place of peace and understand the game that is being played with your mind and your inner self, a game repeated thousands of time through history, a game which our masters play to satiate their need for blood and misery and for the entertainment they get from watching us kill each other at their instigation.

Honour, dignity, self-restraint, wisdom, forgiveness, inner strength and knowledge of the truth be your armour. Your enemy is NOT the human before you that supports a different politician or believes in a different set of values, all of which framed by the masters of this reality.
Your enemy is the COMMON ENEMY of our species.

Stay at home, and plan  your revenge upon the child stealers.

Don't be fooled, America.
With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
xxx xxx xxx 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

It needn't be this way.

We are born.
We die.
In between we have this experience called existence.
For almost all of this time of existing we are forced into conforming.

Our consciousness is made to adapt, to fit in, ultimately to accept that which we disagree with.
For most of we human beings, for almost all of our experience here, we are subject to the will and whim of others that hold power over us.

We some of us cling to the illusion that we are free, even though that illusion is solely sustained by the occasional opportunity to choose.

Almost all of us feel, deep down, that the reality we exist in for the short moments called life is deeply wrong.
This wrong is expressed as sickness, of the body or of the mind.
We witness this everywhere.
This wrong is, in fact, both spoiling and shortening the experience of life.

Almost all of us suffer inequality, some more than most, and that inequality drives injustice, and that injustice sustains cruelty, and that cruelty creates fear, and that fear generates hierarchy, and that hierarchy gives us inequality, and that hierarchy shapes reality to protect itself.

The hierarchy does not see life as short. The hierarchy is itself a living creature. Our human bodies are made of countless individual cells which act as one being. The hierarchies are so constructed. The hierarchy sees its existence spanning centuries. The hierarchy itself is a living thing, represented in time by a succession of individual holders of the  power.

Thus it is from the centuries-old hierarchies that inequality derives.
The hierarchies have, over the centuries, obtained ownership of our species.
We each of us pay a tithe to the hierarchies.

They operate in every area that is fundamental to human existence.
They create and issue money which we may only spend in the stores they own. They own our water, our food, our fuel, our entertainment, our education, our debt, our countries. Now. with the climate change myth, they have managed to take ownership of and charge for the air we breathe.
The hierarchies own our human spirituality via their hierarchical religions.

Thus they stand between us and our connection with the Creator.
Whilst they destroy what is good in the world.
Yet they only exist because their component parts accept their roles within the whole, even though the hierarchy at its pinnacle is essentially inhuman.

So it is that we seven and a half billion souls enter life and leave it subject to a systemised slavery which each and every one of us understands, at the core of our being, is utterly wrong, yet comply with. And it sickens us, and it kills us, and it need not be.

It pays no heed to our happiness.
It does not understand love.
It does not give food to a starving child.
It wishes our old and frail dead.
It does not give succour where there is need.
It systemises life such that we are driven to mirror its behaviour.

We dare not leave the well trodden path they have laid for us.

Picture the marching soldiers, one falling by the wayside injured, others stopping to help but whipped back into the column by the corporals at the orders of the generals.
They have made the march more important than the man.
This is our reality, the utter reversal of our innate humanity.

The whole column should stop, as in days gone by the tribe paused.
Do you remember those days, at your core, from your previous turns in the game, when we all paused to help the wounded?

And, of course, there should be no column of soldiers.
Soldiers are human beings trained to kill, sold on a preposterous lie which masks the true purpose of their killing: The sustaining and reinforcing of hierarchy,of nation or religion or money.

We humans kill each other at the behest of these monstrous hierarchies.
We kill when tricked into war.
We kill by neglect.
We kill our unborn and call it choice, because our society has been shaped such that new life is an embarassment, a cause for shame, a financial or career irritation, an intrusion into a lifepath.
The body parts of the unborn are sold, for profit or for other nefarious purposes.
That is a truth, if you didn't know it, horrible though it is to stare upon our collective guilt.

When other's lives are so cheapened, we should not be surprised when our own life is taken from us, when we ourselves are treated as an irritation, an incumberance, a useless eater.
What goes around, comes around.
The march will not stop for you.

What should we do?
Simply understand that the hierarchies exist because they have, for centuries, entrained human will through fear.
To change our world requires only an act of will.

If seven and a half billion of us refuse to fight wars, there will be no war.
If we refuse en masse to pay false debt, then that debt cannot be collected.
If we decide as one to ignore our governments, then their power is gone.
If we decide as a species to eliminate the vile creatures that traffick in children or killing drugs, then they will be eliminated.

We speak not of 'mob rule', of 'democracy' or of any system that creates space for evil to dominate, that collects our individual power together and creates new hierarchy, new force, new fear.

There is no answer in anything we have done in the last millennia.
No answer in communism, fascism, left or right. There is no answer in the monarchy of blood or of money. There is no answer in corporate slavery. There is no answer in different versions of the money system. There is no answer in religion.

There is only an answer within our collective souls, our collective human will.
We know, instinctively, what is right, what is good, what is fair, what is just.
We know, instinctively, what needs to be done, how we should behave.
We understand, but have had driven from our minds as we are whipped into the endless march, that the power in the world belongs to the collective conscious will of our whole tribe.

We are a moment away from ending war.
We are a moment away from ending hardship.
We are a moment away from destroying those thousands of weapons of mass destruction.
We are a moment away from ending debt.
We are a moment away from ending fear.

It is as simple as holding hands.
It is as simple as realising where the power lies in the world.
We seven and a half billion souls.

What to do?
First, spread this understanding.
Second, avoid distraction and division.
Third, choose the moment.
Fourth, ignore all ancient hierarchy.
Fifth, become free.
Then shape our world human, from our hearts.
The meek will inherit the earth.
And now is the time for that, for the old world is dying.

We are born.
We die.
In between we have this experience called existence.
We must make that experience the best it can be for the largest number of us.

It simply requires an act of collective consciousness, an act of human will.
And, underneath everything,
the innate human understanding of LOVE.

We think this is our purpose, our destination after this long journey, the start of a new human species' story. We believe we are close now, that this is just a moment away for us.

With Love,
Olive and Aktina
xxx xxx xxx
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Saturday, December 31, 2016


In earlier posts we highlighted how the Power deals with revelations about its Satanic Blood Sacrifice.
In this post (link below) we showed how the mainstream media stages interviews with the accused and attempts to affirm, in the minds of the unthinking masses, that there is no case to answer, that the accusers are mistakenly and cruelly attacking an innocent person.

Watch them. They are informative.

Watching both videos, that of the Alefantis/Jimmy Comet character and the vile Ricky Dearman character one is most struck by the deference offered to both, as if in the demonic order of things both characters are more powerful than their human status would seem to indicate. The MSM interviewers are full of faux concern, ask no penetrating questions, indeed are focused entirely on the task of putting the accusations to rest in the minds of the viewers.

Aktina and I believe that the power of the MSM to achieve their goals in areas such as this are waning, that indeed most if not all of the “Fake News” sites deliberately advertised by the Washington Post and other MSM are truly fake alternative news sites, established deliberately because the Power understood that we humans were growing in awareness and needed to control the outflow of truth.
Did you wonder why Alex Jones apparently took the lead with Pizzagate (though the real leaders were the countless researchers on Reddit), then dropped the story? Do you wonder why the Young Turks poured scorn on the story? As an aside, have Jones supporters wondered how it is that a 'man' who for years decried the left-right false divide paradigm suddenly came out for Donald Trump, as if that creep were any different from the rest?

In another post we jokingly sent a letter to the President outlining how the British always deal with these allegations of Satanic Child rape and murder, both in the home nations and in “The Commonwealth” countries (countries of the old British Empire such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and others where the Queen still holds power).
See that post here:

This technique involves a number of key strategic strands:
  1. The MSM strongly refute the stories, or call proven cases of abuse “Historic” so as to fix in the minds of the dumb masses that these terrible things only happened 'ago', and of course could NEVER happen now.
  2. The police stage false investigations and inquiries, lose evidence, fail to interview accusers, bully accusers, fail to investigate the unusual accidental deaths or strange suicides of accusers, sanction, demote or fire officers that do their duty and, after all of that, announce years later that they had failed to find any wrongdoing. So that's all right, then..
  3. Set up Government enquiries that cost millions, reward bent lawyers, take sometimes as long as ten years, keep their deliberations secret, and finally announce that there was nothing found...so that's all right then.
  4. Witnesses, as referred to above, disappear, die in accidents or suicides, or retract their statements. Almost without exception. Weird, really!
So, Pizzagate researchers, EXPECT NOTHING from the police, the FBI, the legal system. NOTHING.

Expect NOTHING from the journalists from the MSM, AND the liars from the Propornot list. Those people will carry the story, but less and less, filling your minds with other, newer stuff to get annoyed about, such that slowly Pizzagate will drift from your consciousness.

They will only carry the evidence that YOU dig up, the connections that YOU make, stealing what's already out there and other people's work to increase their following yet, at the same time, CONTROLLING the story, controlling the truth, taking false leadership and managing the awakening of humanity.

That is what they were made for, these sites, these characters.
False leadership, distraction and division.

Ask yourself: Do any of them COUNT OUR NUMBER?
Do any of them try to UNITE US?
Because their job is to make sure we don't find out just how many of us there are...........
Do you see?

Pizzagate wouldn't just fizzle out if we knew there were 20 million of us in the USA.
Why, if we knew that, we'd get together and MARCH.
If we knew that, we'd collectively arrest these criminals and bring them to trial.
Do you see now?
The fake alternative media's JOB is to stop you finding just what power you already have.

When the internet was first invented the Power realised how it could be used to control what they knew was coming, an awakening of humanity to their condition of slavery.
The Power spent billions of its fake thin-air money to make sure the internet went everywhere.
The world-wide mind control opportunities were simply too good to miss.
In their plans, decades ago, they formulated the fake alternative news strategy. It is MASSIVE. It covers every area of human endeavour and thought. It stretches from the fake New Age and UFOs through health and food, via politics, spirituality, ….the list goes on.

The internet was designed to take control of the NEW humanity, the humanity emerging from the dark. Because you may have thought you were 'woken up' by one of these sites you cling to them, because not to would be to admit you erred. Humans don't like to admit they were wrong, are nowadays trained to deny errors whereas in our tribal days we spoke the truth to our mistakes and were educated to do so.

Truth is: NONE of these sites does investigative journalism. They merely check the net for whatever has been discovered by human beings and then run the story themselves, so as to steal the energy and control the direction if the story. EVERYTHING they write about or speak of is already out there.
They are just leeches, sucking our power from us, distracting us daily.
They also take our MONEY, and live the life that provides
Does that make us suckers?
You bet it does.
They laugh all the way to the bank.

We have spoken here of the human propensity for BELIEF, that we believe easily because we don't much like lying and so can't see why someone would lie to us.
We have spoken here about all the belief systems established by our masters, how they use these belief systems AND our refusal to believe we are wrong, our refusal to believe we have made a mistake, to tie us in to those beliefs and from that get us to kill, to cheat, to lie to ourselves and others, to do harm to our home.

There is a new world around the corner. A human world. A world of fun and peace and sharing. A world of pride and honour and duty. A world of beauty. A world WE humans make.
It is just a moment away.
It is what we all of us want.

The moment when the vast majority of humanity realise we share these desires, that the power in the world lies NOT in the hands of false leaders, but in the hands of the meek, the quiet, the peaceful, the fun-loving, the loving.

This is our world.
Time to take it back?

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Love to all,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti.
xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Here we come.....

Confused? You were meant to be.
Not by the Creator, but by those who rule this reality.

The Creator made things simple to understand. You live, you die, you procreate, you gain, you lose, you eat, you excrete, you laugh, you cry. You seek warmth when it's cold, cool when it's hot. You seek passion, excitement, fun, but also peace, quiet, gentle humour and sometimes hunt for the stab of regret and the piercing of grief for in those there is sometimes solace, healing. You seek company, and sometimes solitude. You pray for the absence of pain. You pray for love and the beauty of connection, hearts entwining, something precious as a child, special as a parent, as wonderful as a friend. You need a roof, nourishment, occasionally a herb or plant to take your soul on another journey, to open your spirit to the wonder of creation, to let you know you are small, but that smallness is good, that you are a tiny part of the connected wholeness, that something great comes from the sum of those myriad parts and so you are a part of greatness, a tiny wonder, a fleck of paint in a masterpiece.

Sometimes you look for anger, sometimes you desire to hurt, but these things are rare if the other pieces of the jigsaw are right. They are anomalies, things to be amazed you have the capacity for, things you realise cause you shame, understanding that creation makes space for these things if only so we can understand how things might go badly if once we forgot what we are, what we are a part of, what is our destiny at the end of this journey.

We did so forget.
And now there is this reality, the false reality, the inversion of truth, the barrier between you and your personal meaning, that which stops you from being what you should be and makes of you something less, something baser, that imposter that carries your name in the world and pretends it is you, that liar, that thief, that bully, that fraud.

In this fabrication, this hell hole, the beauty of our species is trampled, misshapen, malformed and we have forgotten, forgotten what we are, forgotten our humanity, forgotten how to enjoy, forgotten how to love, forgotten our duty, our dignity, our honour, our place in the whole.

And all the while we live with this collective amnesia the possibility of fulfilling our destiny, of taking our place, drifts like a rudderless hulk in the dark ocean of misery.

Now, these days, these moments in the tide of time, from the wreckage of our world there are those of us who are coming back to our humanity, we not-so-few in whom the remembering is awakening, in whom the ancestral understandings are surfacing. We grow in inquisitiveness, we question what is, we decry what we instinctively know is wrong, we name evil and call for a reckoning. 

We are a rising swell in the tide of history, driven by our confusion, searching for the light of understanding, stretching our canvas to the first puffs of the wind of change. We are the first generation of a new humanity, the tippers of the pyramid of power, the cleansers.

We are legion.
Here we come.
With Love.


xxx xxx xxx   

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Pizzagate & Hampstead: MSM Managing the Sheeple's Perception

WE all of us now understand that the world's powerful are satanic paedophiles, that they rape, butcher, drink the blood of and eat the hearts of our children. They laugh about it, chiefly because the average human spirit simply cannot believe such horror and so, when they learn of it, they react with disbelief.

This disbelief is then affirmed by the MSM about which, more than any other subject, they close ranks, all of them issuing the same rebuttals, the same accusations of nonsense, the same tales of "Fake News". We see this now, don't we?
Therefore we know one of the biggest secrets.
This reaction, more than anything, demonstrates how close we are as a species to finding out the truth about this reality and how the inhuman bastards that create this heinous hell on earth fear this discovery more than anything else, for it spells the end of their rule and indeed of them.

These two videos show the 'discrediting' technique used either side of the Atlantic, show how the interviewers try to gain pity for the accused, show how they frame every second of the interview to cast doubt on the accusations and the accusers.

Deeper, it also shows how the Dearman character and the Jimmy Comet character, both seemingly inconsequential people, a rarely employed actor and the owner of a pizza cafe, are treated with deference by the MSM. Do they do this for the paedo down the street, of which there are many?

Both of these people are SPECIAL.
Special because they are high up in a hierarchy we don't even know exists?
Like Jimmy Savile?

Demons have their social structure, don't they, hidden to we human beings?
Just saying.

This video is entitled "Father falsely accused of being a Satanic Cult paedophile ring leader."
Please let us know what your instincts tell you.......
Now, go compare that travesty with the equally one sided and lacking-in-journalistic-endeavour 'interview' with Jimmy Comet, he of Pizzagate fame.

Note again the DEFERENCE with which the interviewers treat these characters.

The fact that the general public aren't marching down the streets with pitchforks and torches speaks volumes, dear friend, about either the utter stupidity of the masses or the overwhelming success of the mind control programmes in place.
Or a mixture of both.

Which means, doesn't it, that humanity's future falls to us?
That's the duty you have in the game of life.
Now, if only you could get together somehow with all the rest of the mavericks....
If only.....
Because together, we might be a force in the world.
For good.

With Love,
Olive Farmer and Aktina Pempti
xxx xxx xxx
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Monday, December 26, 2016

Obama's vengeance?

First, Obama threatens Russia.
Then, amid reports of a 'burst transmission' out of Odessa, Ukraine, (where the CIA had a base for just this sort of operation), detected moments before, 92 Russians were killed in the plane crash.
These people were on board.
A special "Happy Christmas" from Obama?
When will this all end?
When we unite.
Only when we humans unite.

Clarity. Can you see it yet?

(For Helen. Thanks.)

We are, as a species, becoming connected.

You will have noticed that our masters seek to either limit or control the nature of that connectivity and to eavesdrop and monitor every transaction.

This has little to do with 'terrorism'.
Rather, nothing to do with terrorism.
Our masters understand better than we do what we are and what we are becoming.

Imagine yourself as a component, a data analysis unit, within a system that until very recently was comprised of largely individuated units operating within small communities of units, the computing power of which was limited by the lack of connection with other communities of units.

By such disconnection the cumulative computing power of the whole was not only limited, but the individual programmes running were incompatible, the disparate operating systems hampering inter-system networking.

(Think language, nation, religion, class, hierarchy, money).

Imagine, with connectivity, with the prevalence of one language and the availability of translation, the accelerating rate at which these disparate systems work out how to homogenise.

We are going through crash failures, and more importantly Byzantine failures (which occur as a result of the malicious activity of an adversary, sending corrupt or conflicting data into the system) but the connected system grows progressively more resilient to such failure.

Call it the collapse of belief.

As a collective species, a distributed network, we are establishing a consensus protocol.

The worm in the machine devotes its power to the destruction of that consensus protocol.
It seeks to prevent us becoming an integrated circuit.

The hive mind has the power to create reality.
A reality based on universal principles of collective good, the consensus.
There is much in the current, false reality that does not fit that consensus.
We will move it to the bin.

Operating that reality will soon be the entity called 'humanity', a single vast integrated circuit, a single 'artificial' intelligence made from the amalgamation of seven billion amazing self-replicating biological computers operating collectively as a single global consciousness running a consensus protocol.

It lives already, and its heart beats, and its life-force is love.

Our masters seek to kill this entity, as it will destroy them.

They lack the power.

We will be born.

This is our destiny.

We Are One.

With Love,
Olive and Aktina

xxx xxx xxx

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Unfinished Story of Lives Stolen

Unfinished Story

And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

We'll meet again in another life
Father, daughter, son, wife
Your stories left unread
Victims of our stupidity,
You're dead

And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

Bleak melancholy bleeds into our futures
Time and again
The black memory rain
Spits on our tomorrows

And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

We make holidays of remembrance
Stand in silence
And in that sound vacuum a bird's song swells
Celebrating mute humanity

Its song resonates with the essence of unity
Our hearts' commonality
The steady, regular beat
Drowned out by war's heat

And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

Shrouded in the purple mantle of enmity
Cast over our consciousness
Our souls' prayer pulses
The force, seeking expression

And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

No common human wants war
Yet we let ourselves be ordered to kill
And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

Decade after decade
Century after century
Millennia after Millennia
And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

The force that drives this insanity
Charismatic personality
We tremble in their presence
Never wondering why

And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

They have always, ever
Lived with us
We have served them
Waited at their tables
Surrendered what we have to them
Given the blood of our children
Sacrificed our spirits on the altar
of their dominance
And called them “Sire”

And year upon year we dig the pits
Bulldoze the bodies
Plant the stones
Water the seeds of grief with our tears

This day we dig those pits
This day we bulldoze the bodies
This day we plant the stones
And water the seeds of grief with our tears.

Yet in what quiet we can find
We hear now our souls' prayer pulsing
The force, seeking expression in peace
Of a humanity awakening

Olive Farmer

xxx xxx xxx